Ganei Yehoshua

Establishment of a Vernal pool in the “Rosh Tzipor” Birding Park


In the next few days, we will begin the construction of a vernal pool in the “Rosh Tzipor” Birding Park area, a rare habitat that has almost disappeared from nature.

This project is part of a long rehabilitation process that we work on in the park, which is carried out in cooperation with and funded by the “Hakeren Leshtahim Ptuchim”, the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and the Ganei Yehoshua Company.

The size of the site will be about 20 dunams and will be added to another 20 dunams that have already been rehabilitated in the complex over the past two years.

This site will be a resting and breeding area for Waterbirds and a unique habitat for a variety of amphibians, some of which are very rare.

Surrounding the Vernal pool, we are planting rare vegetation, typical of this habitat, will include hiking trails and observation areas, explanatory signage will be set up, and an inaccessible area will also be designated for animal welfare.