Ganei Yehoshua

Planting and seeding event in Rosh Tzipor Urban Forest


Last month, wild-flowers sowing and planting events took place around the city. The largest event took place in the Rosh Tzzipor forest along the Ayalon River.

During the event, hundreds of residents took part in the planting of wild-flowers, received an informative lecture from the park’s ecologist about the park’s ecosystem and the variety of wild-flowers that were planted: over 800 wildflowers bulbs were planted, mostly Asphodels and Squills (Drimia), and approximately 50 additional flower varieties that are characteristic of the ecosystem of the Yarkon region.

Additional seeding and planting events are planned at the Rosh Tzzipor forest, with special participation by pupils from the Bavli school district and other residents.

The planting event at Rosh Tzzipor forest was held after preliminary preparations of the are were conducted several months ago – over 100 trees were planted in the area to get it ready for the future social planting events. These events are part of a larger-scale project which aims to create an ecological corridor and shaded path along the s Ayalon stream.