Ganei Yehoshua

Tel Aviv: Ecological Hot Spot


Last month, we attended an international conference of cities that are an ecological hot spot.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is defined globally as a city located in an area that is an “ecological hot spot”, meaning that there are rare species of animals and plants from around the world around the city. In view of this, it is of great importance to preserve nature in these areas, even more so than other regions of the world. The conference was attended by other cities in a similar situation, from twenty-five different countries.

As part of the conference, each city was asked to present how it works to preserve nature in its territory and to propose ideas that could serve other cities in the world. Our ecologist, Liav Shalem, represented the Tel Aviv Municipality and Ganei Yehoshua Company and presented examples that created a great interest among many city representatives, such as, the nature restoration model with the community at peak events, habitat restoration such as the birding park, winter pools, the sheep grazing project and more. The conference allowed us to exchange information with cities with similar climatic characteristics to ours, and to explore practical and applicable solutions. Attending the conference was on behalf of the Department of Environmental Protection and University of Pennsylvania funding.

You can read the presentation and be impressed by the examples we presented here >>