Ganei Yehoshua

The Seven Mills rehabilitation and preservation project


The rehabilitation of the southern flour mill at the compound is complete. The 7 flour mills were operating in the area since the Roman period.

They used water energy for the milling and the spot served as a central meeting points for the local agriculturists who wanted to mill their crops.

Additionally, this encouraged goods shipping over the Yarkon river. In the 20’sof the 20th century the mills were bought by a Jewish resident of Tel-Aviv, but later get deserted and neglected.

As part of the preservation works performed by the initiative of the Jewish National Fund Keren Kayemet Leisrael and Ganey Yehosha Company, the structure of the Southern mill was restored.

Additionally,  a small replica of the pumping mechanism of the mill was built, along with a partial model of the whole machinery.

On September 17th, 9:00, we’ll host a launch ceremony of the compound.