Ganei Yehoshua

Using the wood trimming chips in the park


A project to use wood trimming chips from the park for soil cover and soil improvement for the young trees in Ganei Yehoshua Park.

During the year, we do sanitation pruning work and sometimes, as needed, also cut down trees in all parts of the park, these jobs create large amounts of trimming that we did not want to throw and decided to carry out a trimming collection and then smash and scatter in the parts of the park.

This process has created a treasure that we are currently scattering in several areas of the park and all the young trees that are planted.

Advantages of clay soil trimming Except for the savings in conveying and reducing the gas emissions of the trucks evacuating their trips back and forth, we have provided material that reduces the need for pesticides near the trees due to reducing weed quantities, allows better irrigation due to reduced water evaporation and facilitates the refining process Minerals are essential to the tree for years, creating a microclimate for insects and a food source for birds.

The use of organic matter in the soil enables the further fixation of the carbon and other materials which in the tree’s advice in the soil and thereby reduce their emission back into the atmosphere.

Over the past two months, over 250 Israeli trees have been planted in the park, which has been pampered with trash in addition to compost and irrigation system.

A coarse organic material such as a steady and decomposing trunk paste allows the reclamation of the soil over time reduces the soil temperature volatility and allows a moist environment for the young tree roots and increases its chances of success.

In addition, we use tannery for bare ground cover in several horticultural areas in the park, so far piles have been scattered at the top of a bird and in the central park and soon also at several points along the Bavli Promenade and the orchard trees donated by Nechama Duak.