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About Ganei Hateva

The Zoological Garden

The Biological-Pedagogical Institute founded by Yehoshua Margolin in 1931, on Yehuda Halevi Street. With the establishment of the state of israel, the institute moved to the present residence, and in 1953 became the University of Natural Sciences Institute led by Prof. Heinrich Mendelson. In 1956 Tel Aviv University was established and the institute served as the nucleus for the development of the Department of Zoology and as a center for wildlife research in Israel. With the transfer of the zoology department to the new campus at Tel Aviv University, the zoological garden was transferred to the Society for the Protection of Nature, with the aim of training teachers and instructors in zoology and bringing youths closer to wildlife love in Israel. Some of the animals are free to walk and the children who come to visit can feed on the palm of their hands. Gani Joshua has taken it upon herself to manage and rehabilitate the gardens due to financial difficulties which the Society for Nature Protection has encountered in recent years.

the Botanic Garden

Established in 1940, when Prof. Yaakov Galili set up a garden to accomodate wild plants from around the country in the Shikmim  grove . In 1952, the garden was moved to the area next to the Russian church in Abu Kabir neighborhood and was established as a representative garden for growing  plants in Israel all regions. The garden served as a study park for students and students of botany at Tel Aviv University and the Nature School . The garden area is 16 acres with hundreds of wild plants typical of the country.

The garden has winter pools and a pond with hydrophophilic vegetation grow, fish and turtles, nest to a

Today in the garden area is also “Beit Bina”, the secular yeshiva of the movement for social Judaism and instead established learning spaces, social activities, and events open to the public

The woods park

Located in southern Tel Aviv in the heart of Jaffa’s agricultural area, the park complex is surrounded by residential neighborhoods – Kiryat Shalom, Neve Ofer, the Shapira  and Florentine. For these neighborhoods, the park is a green lung as an open public area designed to improve the quality of life and identification of residents with their surroundings, and is an opportunity to act as a part for the renewal processes of southern Tel-Aviv neighborhoods.



Lines  no. 157, 451, 461, 172, 201, 3
Lines  no. 72, 84, Rishon Lezion
Line no. 46 from Bat Yam
Line no. 153 from Beit Dagan
Line no. 154 from Tel Aviv


Holon Junction – train station
And from there by bus on lines no.  201, 461, 451, 163, 157


Service taxis –  stopping at various stations in the area

Private Taxis  – Entrance to the park


Arrival to the nature parks:

Botanical and Zoological Gardens – There is a neat parking lot at the entrance to the school.

Arrival to Woods Park:

There is parking at the park entrance from Ben Zvi Street