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Trippy Bikes

With 345 acres of open greenery, and almost 300 acres of beautiful groves, Ganey Yehosha Park is a hard place to cover and a family can only hope to see one or two gardens before the kids become exhausted and all you can think about is finding a place to rest. But there is another way,... Read more »

Park Mini Train – Ganey Yehosha

The mini-train is simply an adorable little gem, which is just as comfortable as it is amusing! Needless to say, kids LOVE it! It’ll take you and the family around the park for only 5 NIS per ticket and is active during the summer and on holidays between 10:00 to 16:00, Happy journey!

Gadot – Boutique Events on the River

Located on the bank of the Yarkon River, is a unique venue called Gadot (“Riverbank”), whose boutique Italian style, glass exterior, and lavishly equipped dance hall create an irresistible sense of romance and class. The venue regularly hosts weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs, conventions and other events of up to 400 guests. Part of the compound has been... Read more »

Ha’Maslul – Cycling Challanges

Maslul is a non-profit organization that aims to use bicycle activities as a means of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, social skills, and values of friendship and self-fulfillment in children of all ages. Children and adults can join a group or take a private class on both road and mountain bicycle and participate in our frequent... Read more »
לוגו יער בראשית

Bereshit (Genesis) Forest

The Bereshit (Genesis) forest is a lifelong mission, embodying within its natural purity and the vision of its founders, the defining principles of Israeli culture; power of will, the love of one’s land, true friendship, independence and tradition. As part of this tradition, we strive to offer each visitor the opportunity and the means of... Read more »
אנשים נוסעים ברכב גולף ומצביעים לאופק

Eco Drive Quest

Location: Ganey Yehoshua Park, at the heart of the park near the lake. Details: The next generation of escape rooms awaits you… outdoors! Come join Israel’s first-ever eco-drive-quest. Navigate around the magical Ganey Yehoshua park using electric vehicles. Visit hidden corners, decipher tricky riddles, and dismantle the bomb set up by crazy Professor Chaos –... Read more »

Northern Sportech Sports Complex

If you’ve got some extra energy to burn and a passion for ball-games and good company, the northern Sportech sports complex is exactly the place for you. On weekends, the place is fully packed with both casual and frequent visitors who come to play Basketball, Soccer, Handball, and Tennis. There’s room for everyone and a... Read more »

Park Theater

Our theater hosts weekly shows and cultural events for visitors of all ages, performed by the Bim-Bam-Bom theater group. Surrounded by greenery, the theater is the perfect location for quality time with the children, who can also enjoy inflatables, cotton candy, and popcorn, and if it’s their birthday, you can surprise them with a birthday... Read more »


StarBikes is a bicycle shop and rental service, that also offers bicycle repair services. In the shop, you can find a wide selection of cycling peripherals. You can rent Mountain bicycles, Road bicycles for adults and children and even Tandem bicycles for a unique riding experience through the park. Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-18:30 Friday-Saturday: 8:15-15:00

Park Library

We are proud to unveil our new Library, located at the Petting Zoo complex! Together with the department of art and culture of the Tel Aviv City council, we managed to purchase a great collection of books for the benefit of our visitors, and plans are already being made to purchase even more books in... Read more »


Sky Town TLV is a unique attraction combining extreme sport, a tourist attraction and a facility for sporting and leisure activities for the whole family. The facility was manufactured in Germany and includes a number of registered patents. It is designed to provide a unique sport experience for almost any age, in a compact area... Read more »

The Park Lake

The man-made lake is owned by the Park Lake Company Inc., whose founders are two school buddies, who got their inspiration from the old Yarkon boating company that existed from 1938 to the late 1960’s, and ran an extensive boat rental and river sailing operation that peaked during the 1950’s, owning 160 rowing boats and... Read more »
כדור פורח על רקע השמיים עם לוגו TLV BALOON

TLV Hot Air Balloon

You don’t have to be Phileas Fogg to experience just how awesome it is to watch the world from the bird’s view in a HUGE hot air balloon! In fact, Mr. Fogg never really got the opportunity to fly over Tel Aviv’s skyline and see the sunset over its Mediterranean beaches, but you can do... Read more »

2X2 Evens & Tours Company

What do Beer and bicycles have in common? Well…basically nothing. But what if you could combine them somehow? Luckily for you, you don’t have to crack your brains over it, because it already exists! Yup! A bar on wheels. As in, wheels that you pedal while sipping your beer, on a bar, that is also... Read more »

Crafts in the Park

Gypsum crafting and bottled bath-salt art workshops – for a fee. Suitable for children and infants at least 2 years old. Hours: 10:00-18:00 (according to weather conditions).
קיר טיפוס

Climbing Wall

Location: Sportech complex We are happy to announce that the launch of the new climbing wall will take place with the Israeli National Climbing Competition. Since the complex and climbing facilities met the highest standards, it can host national and international climbing competitions. About the complex: The new climbing complex, iClimb TLV, is among the... Read more »

Memadion Water Park

Attracting tens of thousands of visitors every summer, the Memadion is the biggest water park in Israel, spanning almost 25 acres. The main attractions of the park are its many water slides, from the extreme “Slalom”, “Meteor” and “Cannon” waterslides, to the more whimsical water tube channel. There are 6 different pools, to accommodate for... Read more »