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Unforgettable birthdays in nature’s outdoor green spaces with a variety of activities for every age
Every child wants a successful birthday party. Every parent wants to organize an unforgettable celebration. Hachava hosts children’s birthdays that will take you back to the days of innocence, with an outdoor activity that offers worlds full of magic, imagination, and beloved games. Parties in the great outdoors offer an array of experiences, with fields, trees, flowers, flowerpots, and animals.
At these Hachava parties, adults will revert to childhood and children will have the time of their lives since the enjoyment doesn’t change – but only becomes increasingly rare over time.
If you want to celebrate your children’s (or even your own…), birthday on a farm, call us!
Birthdays on Hachava are exceedingly simple. No need to look for a site or bring equipment. No need to organize the house before the party or clean up afterward …everything, including birthday activities – is on us! All you have to do is invite your friends to celebrate a birthday unlike any other, simple and flowing, natural and that puts a smile on your face, one that you will always remember as an excellent choice that will be talked about by everyone else.
Our parties include a variety of birthday activities suitable for ages 1-10, based on the age of the child and friends:
The program includes:
*Birthday ceremony with songs and blessings
*Guided tour
*The Ficus labyrinth
*Baking pitas on the taboon

Optional activities:
*Hands-on scavenger hunt around the farm
*Special creative workshops
*Giant games
*Night tour of the farm with lamps
*Instruction on various topics
*Campfire (for older children)

**Posters and cards for invitations can be collected in advance
The birthday activities take place in a shaded area, with mats for sitting, a table for refreshments and a large kettle.
Do you want to book activities? Do you want more information?
Telephone: 03-6138286
Email: ……

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