Ganei Yehoshua

Historic Site Path

Trail Length

לא צויין

Suitable For לכל הגילאים
Track Illuminated in the dark
Track Illuminated in the dark
Level of Difficulty

This trail will take you to Napoleon hill through the 7mills, the ecological pools and the agricultural farm and it is suitable for the whole family.

We will start at the “7 Mills” archeological site, on the south bank of the Yarkon river, where we will take a tour around in around the mill reservoir through which the river water channel through the mills and back to the river.

We will go on to the ecological pools nearby, whose purpose is to cleanse the polluted river water and direct them back to it.

Along the way, we will see some Lythrum salicaria, Phragmites, Cyperus papyrus and more local riverside vegetation.

Our trail will continue south to the Maccabia Disaster Memorial for athletes who died after the bridge they were marching on collapsed in the 1995 Maccabia Competition.

Our next site is the agricultural farm, south on the Rokach St.
The farm was opened in the 1920’s by the templars together with Liev Goldberg, and had over 85 acres of orchard until the late 1930’s.

Our last destination will be Tel Garissa (Napoleon hill), south on Rokach St.

The top of the hill is a great viewing spot and south-east of it, lies an enchant well, which was the water source for an enchant Cna’anian-Egyptian city.

The way back to the north parking lot will go through the Rosh-Tsipor forest.