Ganei Yehosha Park

"History, Archeology and Water at the "7 Mills

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Track Illuminated in the dark
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The “7 mills” is called after 7 flower mills that were operated at the western part of a big flour-milling complex, which had existed in the area since the days of the Ottoman Empire.

A damn was built to collect the water from the Yarkon River, which was much bigger at the time, with 210 million cubic meters of water flowing through it annually.
The water was channeled through a specially built slant to horses there force to drive the heavy grinding stones that were within each of the “7 Mills” that existed in this part of the complex.

The area changed hands many times during the last century, and they were abandoned after their activity ceased in the 1930’s due to heavy competition with modern milling technologies.

The site underwent extensive restoration efforts from 1990 to 2008, and its management was commissioned to the Avshalom Center for Israel Studies.

Archeological diggings, conducted at the site not long ago, led by Yehoshua Drey, managed to uncover different relics from the time of the Ottoman Empire, and future digging is expected uncover new parts of the structure.

Directions: the site can be reached through the main Ganei Yehoshua parking lot or through 84 Rokach St., Ramat-Gan.