Ganei Yehoshua

Road Cycling

Trail Length

כ 2 קילומטרים

Suitable For מתאים גם לילדים
Track Illuminated in the dark
Track Illuminated in the dark
Level of Difficulty

Road riders will feel completely catered for riding through Ganei Yehoshua park, with 3 beautiful paved bicycle trails, passing along different sights and landscapes in the park.

The shortest trail is 1.8km from beginning to end, and is goes around the concert hill, between the Memadion Water Park and the Rock Garden.

Another trail takes you through the Yarkon boardwalk, east of the Mivtsa Kadesh bridge, to the Assuta Hospital area, and is 2.2 km long.

The longest trail goes through Rosh-Tsipor forest and is 2.5km long.

All trails are lit at night, and are also suitable for children.