Ganei Yehoshua

Spring Nature Tour

Suitable For Families
Track not Illuminated in the dark
Track not Illuminated in the dark
Level of Difficulty

Spectacular flowerings, nature photography exhibition and bird watching points in Yarkon Park, Ganey Yehosha.

Suggested parking spot: The agricultural farm plot, Rokach str. 74, Ramat Gan.

Difficulty level: Suitable for the family and for a biking tour.

We’ll start the route at the historic Seven Mills site (where restoration works are currently in progress). Then, we’ll cross the stream through the Seven Mills waterfall. On our right, we’ll see unique informational boards, describing the history of the flora and fauna around the park. Besides the boards, there’s a board with definitions of the various birds in the park (we recommend to snap a photo of the board to help us identify the birds later, during the rest of the trip). We’ll cross the stream again and proceed to the new bird-watching park, a natural space designated for the winged creatures. The park serves as a hiding place and an important resting point during the birds’ migration at spring and autumn. The flora of the parks’ river banks was recently restored, and a bird-watching point was placed at the mysterious pond for observing the birds. We recommend to take binoculars and use the opportunity.

Later we can climb on Napoleon Hill (Garcia Hill), which overlooks the whole Dan region and take a moment to enjoy the exquisite spring flowering. Please make sure to reach the trail along Ayalon River. Various wildflowers that are typical to this area were planted along the trails. This activity was conducted with the participation of local residents and pupils. Many orchard trees were planted along the trail: pomegranate, locust, Ziziphus Spina-Christi and others. Try identifying them while you walk up to the junction point of the rivers (Ayalon and Yarkon). We’ll cross the bridge towards the Council for Beautiful Israel, continuing westward along the Yarkon River. Along the river, there’s an exhibition of about 70 urban nature photography – wonderful works, all taken in the park and local nature sites (in Tel Aviv).

We’ll finish the tour at the Yarkon Lagoon, where wild vegetation that is typical to this area were planted recently. Binoculars are recommended here as well to enjoy the view fully.

After the visit to the lagoon, you may cross the stream towards Bavli neighborhood and walk along the stream up to the Yarkon-Ayalon lakes junction, cross the bridge, reach the Head bird birding center, and get back to the agricultural farm parking, where you left the car.

Enjoy your trip!