Ganei Yehoshua

Yarkon Riverside Bicycle Path

Trail Length

30 ק"מ

Suitable For למנוסים
Track Illuminated in the dark
Track Illuminated in the dark
Level of Difficulty

A trail suitable for Mountain bikes, starting at the Reading power station and following the river to the east until the end of the Yarkon boardwalk, and on through gravel trail in vast agricultural area surrounding the Yarkon river east natural reserve, ending at Antipatris Fort near Rosh-Ha’ayin.

There is also an alternative route along the south bank of the Yarkon and through Ramat-Gan towards Osishkin bridge after which the trail connects to the new paved bicycle lane bordering Bnei-Brak, and ending Antipatris Fort.

Length: approximately 30 km.

Suitable for experienced cyclers.