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Spring Nature Tour

Spectacular flowerings, nature photography exhibition and bird watching points in Yarkon Park, Ganey Yehosha. Suggested parking spot: The agricultural farm plot, Rokach str. 74, Ramat Gan. Difficulty level: Suitable for the family and for a biking tour. We’ll start the route at the historic Seven Mills site (where restoration works are currently in progress). Then, […]

Yarkon Circular Trail

*The numbers indicate locations that appear on the map, which is linked below. (1) We start the trail from the east most side of the of the Bavli housing project, riding towards the point where the Ayalon river connects to the Yarkon river under the Rosh-Tsipor bridge. We ride up the pedestrian bridge and exit […]

Historic Site Path

This trail will take you to Napoleon hill through the 7mills, the ecological pools and the agricultural farm and it is suitable for the whole family. We will start at the “7 Mills” archeological site, on the south bank of the Yarkon river, where we will take a tour around in around the mill reservoir […]

Yarkon Riverside Bicycle Path

A trail suitable for Mountain bikes, starting at the Reading power station and following the river to the east until the end of the Yarkon boardwalk, and on through gravel trail in vast agricultural area surrounding the Yarkon river east natural reserve, ending at Antipatris Fort near Rosh-Ha’ayin. There is also an alternative route along […]

Park Center

A comprehensive rout through all the main park attractions located at the heart of the park. Our recommendation is to begin at the aviary and the Petting Zoo and catch the colorful parrot display, after which you can continue at your own pace to the “7 Mills” archeological site for some history, and go on […]

Road Cycling

Road riders will feel completely catered for riding through Ganei Yehoshua park, with 3 beautiful paved bicycle trails, passing along different sights and landscapes in the park. The shortest trail is 1.8km from beginning to end, and is goes around the concert hill, between the Memadion Water Park and the Rock Garden. Another trail takes […]

Yarkon Riverside Hike

This rout will take you for a day trip through some of the parks memorials. It is recommended to park your car at the parking lot next to the Reading Power Station, and walk across the bridge to the north bank of the Yarkon river, to the Victims of Acts of Terror Memorial Garden, which […]

“History, Archeology and Water at the “7 Mills

The “7 mills” is called after 7 flower mills that were operated at the western part of a big flour-milling complex, which had existed in the area since the days of the Ottoman Empire. A damn was built to collect the water from the Yarkon River, which was much bigger at the time, with 210 […]