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Families Visit the Botanical Gardens with Children

Want to enjoy nature without leaving the city? Almost every weekend, Dozens of families visit the Botanical Garden, which is maintained and operated by Ganei Yehoshua, in cooperation with Bina Association.

Enjoying Squill Blossoms and Releasing Turtles Back to Nature

The autumn is here and so are the blossoming Squills! On Saturday, October 8th, our visitors were taken on a tour to see the squills blossom and release turtles back to nature in Napoleon Hill in Ganei Yehoshua Park, under the guidance of the park ecologist. The event was a collaboration of Ganei Yehoshua with […]


Ganey Yehosha Park is one of the largest urban parks in Israel, and the largest in the Tel Aviv municipality, spreading across 3,750 dunams (3,750,000 square meters) – from the Geha intersection in the East to the edge of the Yarkon River in the West. The park includes extensive lawns, botanical gardens, sports facilities, outdoor […]

Our Vision

The following values and goals for Ganey Yehosha, represent the recommendations given by the Vision Committee and the governing standards for environmental, social and financial sustainability: Communication – using various communication channels to maintain a dialogue with the public with full transparency Fairness – adopting a policy of social justice for the benefit of diverse populations. […]

Crossing the Yarkon River

During the First World War, the Yarkon River and its surrounding area played an important role in the battle between the British and the Turkish empire. At the end of March 1917, the British reached the beaches of Palestine, and after two bloody attempts to conquer Gaza, progress was halted. Edmund Allenby, which was appointed […]

The Yarkon River

The Yarkon River is the product of a natural corrosion process driven by the force of water carving their way through rock and soil on their way to the sea, which, in the course or hundreds of thousands of years, shaped the entire area. The Yarkon is a clearly defined hydrological unit whose natural development […]

BBQ Bliss

Following the addition made to the “maintenance of order and cleanliness” (section 34a) bylaw, which forbids the lighting of fire in consumer grade BBQ grills in public areas, except for designated BBQ areas, Ganey Yehosha designated 3 BBQ areas for throughout the park, with picnic tables, grills and waste bins suitable for disposing of embers. […]

Our Unique Gardens

The idea of creating the gardens was conceived based on the intention of establishing a unique set of gardens, with somewhat similar themes, each one specializing in something unique. Out of several ideas raised in the mid-1980s, four gardens were eventually created: The Rock Garden (The Geological Garden/the Sculptural Garden) the three names refer to […]

Ha’Horshot Park

Just south of the Nature Gardens, surrounded by the old neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv, is Ha’churshot Park, which serves as a green lung for the area, as well an open area for the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods to identify and connect with the history of what used to be a vast agricultural land, […]

The Botanical Garden

The garden was created in 1940, when Professor Jacob Galili Gan established an acclimatization project for wild plants from different locations in Israel, in an area which was then called “Hurshat Ha’shikmin”. In 1952 the garden was moved to an area near the Russian – Moscowian Church in Abu Kabir and served to represent all […]

The Beginning of Menachem Begin Park

Menachem Begin Park houses a lake on which visitors can cruise with rented pedal boats, vast freshly groomed lawns, a small petting zoo with deer and ostriches and a unique cable water skiing facility. In the park, there are shaded sitting areas and playgrounds, in addition to inflatables and bicycle rental services for the whole […]

Menachem Begin Park

Menachem Begin Park is a vast open park named after former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The park is also known as the Southern Park because of its location in the south of Tel Aviv, adjacent to the HA’argazim neighborhood. The park covers an area of about 123 acres. To date, about half of the […]