Ganei Yehoshua

Israel National Trail Library


The Israel National Trail Library is a free library that allows visitors to borrow books for free, and return them to several stations located along the Israel National Trail paths.

This project is a remarkable collaboration between 3 organizations – Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Shalem College, and Meeting for Israel – on the Israel Trail Project (Nifgashim Beshvil Israel). The project was founded in August 2015 in order to foster a connection between hikers and to encourage profound dialogs. In addition, adding a spiritual element to the physical journey along the trail, to those who are interested.

In support and collaboration with this project, we have added our own book station in Ganey Yehosha Park for the trail’s hikers. The station is located next to Genesis Forest (Ya’ar Bereshit).

Book stations along the Israel National Trail:

  1. Tel Dan Nature Reserve
  2. Nachal Tsiv’on (Tsiv’on Stream)
  3. Moshava Kinneret (Northers entrance)
  4. Elot Observation Point
  5. Ramat Ha Nadiv Memorial Gardens
  6. Tel Afek, Antipatros Fort
  7. Ganey Yehosha Yarkon Park.
  8. Tel Lachish
  9. Nachal Sad (Sad Stream)
  10. Nachal Mador (Mador Stream)
  11. Moa
  12. Nachal Barak (Barak Stream)
  13. Be’er Milka Campsite
  14. Yehoram Mountain campsite