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About Hachava

Hachava is  a 70-acre Nature space in Ganei Yehoshua park, in the area of `​​Rosh Zipor`(formerly “Pardes Goldberg”). For about fifty years, the Tel Aviv Farms Agricultural School has been operating , and every week the Tel Aviv-Jaffa students come to farming classes.

In 2008, we have expanded the purpose of Hachava, through the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality Economic Development Authority and Hacahva became a recreational a center for the whole family.
Hachava has undergone extensive renovation and upgrading and opened to the public as a unique center, offering recreation in nature for small and large activity areas with diverse activity areas Such as, livestock, maze of ficus, self-harvesting fields, carpentry and ecological woods, musical garden from recycled materials, plots for processing and growing of homemade products, bird watching, workshops and activities for the whole family, and seasonal activities such as olive harvesting, puddle training Winter, Lighthouse trips in Lag Ba’omer, Harvest and Dish weekly Plus a wide range of activities in nature.

In addition to the regular activities,Hachava offers guided theme activities for kindergartens and schools, birthdays for all ages as well as corporate and organizational meetings. The farm offers a rooted, natural and green recreation experience and, at the same time, aims to contribute to creating a more green community aware environment.

Hachava’s value ideal inspired the ecological design of the entire complex. Design, combining nature, air and green spaces with complex materials made of processed materials, which have undergone an innovative recycling process. The dialogue between the two motifs gives the farm a unique look and contributes to creating a green environment.

Hachava has a small team of values ​​professionals, who see their work as a mission, with the aim of bringing the younger generation closer to the values ​​of love of the land and connection to the land.



Get off at the nearest station to the corner of Abba Hillel and Rokach in Ramat Gan.

Get off at station at Abba Hillel St. 85 (east) or 60 (west)
From there on foot:
Turn to Rokach street and continue to the entrance lane which is opposite House # 74.

The length of the footsteps of Abba Hillel St. is approximately 600 m,


The nearest station is Tel Aviv University Station,
And from there cross  the park  towards the lake:

Go south to the main entrance of the Ganey Yehoshua towards the lake and the  Wohl Amphitheatre.

Continue following the signage to the “seven mills” area.

Cross the “seven mills” and get to the parking lot and from there to the main entrance of Hachava.

The length of the footpath is approximately 1.2 km.


The address for navigation is: Rokach No. 74 , Ramat Gan


The address for navigation is: Rokach No. 74 , Ramat Gan

The entrance by car is opposite house number 74
The parking lot is free.

The number of parking spaces is limited.