Park Rules & Regulations

Ganei Yehoshua is a public park for the leisure and recreation of all citizens and visitors, who are invited to enjoy all public spaces within it, provided they comply with park regulations and do not pose a disturbance to residents.

Visitors must follow the park rules, instructions, and prohibitions listed below:

  • Do not bring generators or gas containers and grills into the park area.
  • Do not install inflatables (bouncy castles)  in the park.
  • Do not use amplification systems in the park.
  • Do not close or delimit and/or brand any area of the park.
  • Holding private events such as weddings etc. on park property is prohibited.
  • Bringing or placing catering equipment or food stalls in the park is prohibited.
  • Lighting barbecues and grills are permitted in designated picnic complexes only.
  • Vehicles will not be allowed into the park area.
  • Do not lodge pegs or rods in park lawns.
  • Do not stay at the park overnight.
  • Connecting any machinery or facility to park infrastructure (water, electricity, etc.) is prohibited.

We wish you a pleasant visit and will be happy to be at your service.

Best regards,

Ganei Yehoshua Company