Ganei Yehoshua

Pilot: Manufacturing Wood-Chips from Fallen Trees


As a result of the last storm, many trees were damaged throughout the park. We recently started a new pilot to manufacture wood-chips from fallen and damaged trees to create an ecological coating agent for different areas of the park.

Coating the surface with wooden chips has many ecological and aesthetic benefits:

  1. Coating and covering the ground with wood-chips greatly reduces the need for herbicides.
  2. The use of woody agents and wood-chips to coat the soil reduces water evaporation and help water seepage, therefore, preserving precious water.
  3. Creating favorable conditions for the development of a variety of insects that serve as a source of food for a verity of birds.
  4. Wood-chips have a pleasant aesthetic appeal.
  5. Self-production of wood-chips reduces the need to transport of eco-waste from the park and actually provides an ecological and cost-efficient solution for necessary soil coating.