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Even if you live in the heart of the city –  you can cultivate a garden with us
Hachava invites you to become farmers and cultivate a small, private plot of heaven right in the heart of the city.
We would be delighted to provide you with the information, tools, and direction needed and make room for you so that you can lovingly cultivate and enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your gardening.
The farm contains 100 plots for planting and cultivating agricultural produce for self-consumption (90 of which are for lease and 10 for community activity).
There are two types of plots: a 40 square meter plot and a 17 square meter plot. The cost of leasing a plot is NIS 180 per month for a 40 square meter plot and NIS 100 per month for 17 square meters. This amount does not include the cost of water, which will be charged separately, and landscaping and irrigation equipment; plants, seedlings, etc. (we require drip irrigation for a residential garden).
No prior knowledge is required. The project will be supervised by a landscaping consultant from Hachava. The activity in the plots can be carried out any day of the week, from one hour after sunrise and up to one hour before sunset.

Only several plots remain. Rush and join!
For more information and to register, write –