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How does a bee function, how do vegetables grow and what happened here before I was born?

Fascinating educational activity for preschools and elementary schools

Hachava provides educational instruction and enrichment activities to schools, preschools, and other frameworks. Educational tours allow young participants to benefit from activity in nature among animals and plants. Hachava offers an array of structured programs for Green Day, that incorporates enjoyment in nature along with quality programs. The activities are specially adapted to school pupils and preschoolers, to their educational, emotional and mental needs. Hachava’s educational programs for schools and preschools provide a golden opportunity for city children, school pupils and preschoolers to come face to face with animals while learning and getting to know about them through hands-on experience. The children are exposed to the magic of a farm, in a range of contexts and topics: holidays, seasons of the year, crops, animal products, etc. All of which is accomplished through play, art, creations with natural materials, and accompanied by detailed explanations from experienced professional instructors.

What’s in the program:
Choose the preferred topic for the session:

On Hachava with Betty Bee
A day in the life of busy Betty Bee. We will learn about the structure of the bee’s body, the bee’s mode of communication, demonstrate how it collects pollen and study the bee’s role in hive activity. Instruction demonstrates the circle of life in the hive as well as the importance of bees to human existence.
Instruction includes a visit to a transparent hive, dressing up as bees, establishing a connection to the world of bees, touring the petting zoo and preparation of pitas in the taboon.
The story of the seedling and seed
In honor of her birthday, Daniella received a flowerpot with colorful flowers. She smelled the beautiful flowers and sneezed. What happened to the dry seeds? We will accompany the seeds at the various stations on their way to a new life. The activities will introduce children to various types of seeds and plant reproduction. We will learn and prepare together individual cuttings for everyone. We will prepare love bombs (seed bombs for continued seeding), tour the petting zoo and prepare pitas in the taboon.

The life of a grain
Daniel was a special child who collects. He saved everything in boxes until one day, his grains disappeared. We will journey together in the search for Daniel’s box of grains, where we will learn about the various grains and their purpose in nature.
Together, we will learn how to sprout, prepare a rainstick, visit the petting zoo and feed the chickens with grains. We will learn about the source of bread and together prepare pitas in the taboon.

The Five Senses
Nimrod began a journey to learn about the five senses. In the spice garden and music garden, in the bird facility, petting zoo and the preparation of pitas in the taboon. We will learn about Hachava by touring the various stations while performing activities and learning about our senses.
Hachava Plants – Gathering in Nature
We will learn about Hachava’s story, and amusingly and enjoyably, learn about the special plants that grow there. We will learn about plant cutting and prepare a personal plant for everyone. We will together prepare special teabags and bake pitas in the tabooon with leaves that we collected.
Compass Rose
Are you familiar with a compass rose? It has a birthday and is inviting everyone! Do you want to know who came and its story? We will learn about the compass rose through an enjoyable hands-on experience. We will learn about wind direction, hot air, prepare kites and learn about a fire in the preparation of pitas in the taboon.

Vernal Pools
Lilly is a vernal pool at Hachava and we will let you in on a secret. It lives in the best-loved and most fascinating spot on the farm. Every winter, when it fills up, we see many animals and creatures who live there. We learn about the various creatures, and particularly about why environmental protection is so important!
Lilly also takes us on a tour of the birdwatching site and together, we will create a colorful fish mobile to take home.

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