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Notice of intention to contact a single supplier for the design and installation of a permanent set of squash courts with glass play surfaces in the open space.
In accordance with Regulation 3 (4) of the Municipal Regulations (Tenders), 1987, Ganei Yehoshua Ltd. (“the Company”) hereby announces that it intends to enter into a contract with T Point as a single supplier for the design and installation of a fixed system of squash courts Which includes glass game surfaces in the open space.

The Company has the opinion of a professional that there is no other supplier in Israel capable of supplying and executing the above contract and can be consulted at the Company’s offices located in Ganei Yehoshua, Rokach St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa, between 9: 00-14: 30.

A person who believes that there is another supplier in Israel who is capable of providing and executing the aforesaid engagement may contact the Company, in writing only, by fax no. 03-6422896, no later than 14.9.17 (hereinafter: the “Deadline”).

Each application must include the full details of the applicant (including full name, address, telephone and fax numbers, address, details of the Israeli supplier) and references regarding the claims alleged in the application.

An application received after the last date and / or which will be missing any of the details detailed above will not be examined by the Company.

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