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Mr. Oved Kuna, CEO
Office: 03-6422828, Extension 200/201

CEO Office Staff 
Lillian Sabah: Extension 203
Ms. Tali Sa’ada (alternate Adi Shoker): Extension 200/201
Ms. Pepper Marciano: Extension 200/201

Ms. Healy Shamai, Project Manager and CEO Assistant
Extension 202

Mr. Alex Perov, Security Officer and Logistics Manager
Extension 208

Ms. Maya Cohen, Attorney
Extension 204

Ms. Maya Mezah, Marketing Manager and Corporate Spokesperson
Extension 205

Mr. Zohar Lapid, Project Manager
Extension 209

Ms. Ayala Orbach, Chief Accountant
Ext. 210

Ms. Leah Cohen, Accounting
Extension 207

Ms. Rachel Shemer, Accounting
Extension 221

Mr. Rami Sulami, Procurement Manager
Extension 211

Ms. Lena Abulentsev, Storekeeper
Extension 209

Mr. Gabi Shamorov, Irrigation Department Manager
Extension 218

Mr. Moshe Shitrit, Vehicle Maintenance Department Manager
Mr. Shmulik Aharon, garage
Extension 220

Mr. David Rokach, Maintenance Department Manager
Extension 216

Mr. Yossi Harazi, Menachem Begin Park Manager
Tel: 03-7300111

Mr. Shlomo Aked, Nature Parks Manager
Tel: 03-5183568