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Eco Drive Quest

Location: Ganey Yehoshua Park, at the heart of the park near the lake.

The next generation of escape rooms awaits you… outdoors! Come join Israel’s first-ever eco-drive-quest. Navigate around the magical Ganey Yehoshua park using electric vehicles. Visit hidden corners, decipher tricky riddles, and dismantle the bomb set up by crazy Professor Chaos – before it destroys the city’s ecological equilibrium forever!

Important details… (age restrictions, prior knowledge, special conditions etc): driving golf carts are allowed only to driver’s license holders aged 21 and over upon deposit of their driver’s license at the ticket office.

Opening hours: 10:00-15:00

Price: NIS 115 per participant. Minimum of four participants.

Audience: Families.

Order the game at www.trippy.org.il – motorized escape games

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מתאים לגילאים 10-15
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