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10 Mills – Archeological Site
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10 Mills is the biggest of all the mill sites found around the Yarkon river, with structural remains standing up to 3m tall.

The site was uncovered in 1993 after having been completely covered by vegetation and drift sediments.

Its operators added an 80m long flood protection wall, and a system of dams and channeling structures along which 12 grinding stations were built, propelled by force of the water flowing from the reservoir contained in the dams.

The big structure was also used as a river crossing.

The archeological dig also helped researchers understand the mechanics of the milling system, by uncovering water passages; each of whom channeled water to propel two grinding systems at once.

Archeologists believe only 10 of the original 12 mills were active during the heated battles that were fought in the area between the British and the Ottoman Empire, and later against the Zionist Underground opposition, hence the site’s nicknamed “10 mills”

A ruined tunnel, containing a weapon stash belonging to the Zionist Underground, were uncovered in the digging.

At the peak of its activity, the sight housed 18 pairs of grinding stones, each grinding 30-40 kg of flour every hour.

The site can be found between the Ramat-Gan Stadium and Mall and can be seen from the main “Herzlia” road crossing the river.

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