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Sky Town TLV is a unique attraction combining extreme sport, a tourist attraction and a facility for sporting and leisure activities for the whole family.

The facility was manufactured in Germany and includes a number of registered patents. It is designed to provide a unique sport experience for almost any age, in a compact area and with maximum regard for safety.

​The facility incorporates more than 120 different elements, providing hours of experiences for the visitor. It accommodates about 150 visitors at a time. It has 4 levels, with total height of about 24m.

The facility is manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials demonstrating great strength and durability in outdoor conditions. The attraction may be active both day and night, thanks to its integral lighting system.

Sky Town TLV promises you, your family and friends an enriching, challenging and fun experience unique in Israel!

Age 3 and up,
Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday, // 11:30-19:30 Fridays and Holidays, // 10:30 - 16:30 Saturdays // 11:30 -19:30 (Last Visitors Absorption 2 hours before closing). To make sure the park is open or to save load, we recommend that you arrange your visit in advance
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