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Bereshit (Genesis) Forest

The Bereshit (Genesis) forest is a lifelong mission, embodying within its natural purity and the vision of its founders, the defining principles of Israeli culture; power of will, the love of one’s land, true friendship, independence and tradition.

As part of this tradition, we strive to offer each visitor the opportunity and the means of finding their own unique role within their group, and contribute to making their group a winning team.

Free of modern day distractions, you’ll once more be united with your innate love of nature and man, with joyfulness and simplicity, while feeling the thrill of adventure.

The forest is located at the Yarkon park in Tel Aviv, and was founded in 1993, with the vision of inspiring individuals and groups of all ages, to reconnect with their roots, by offering them a fertile natural ground on which to celebrate and challenge themselves.

What’s in the forest?

In the Bereshit forest you can enjoy the simple things; nature, a cool breeze and the humming of birds.

You’ll also find interactive Playgrounds and special challenges such as zip-line trails, rappel activities, sturdy rope bridges and much more.

Our team consists of dedicated producers, educators and guides, who are waiting to meet you, and offer their vast experience to help you skillfully organize a Taylor-made event to suite your vision, so that your visit to the Bereshit forest will be the experience of a life time!

Every production is unique, and the possibilities range from challenging sportive events to restful social gatherings or family occasions and even company team-building days.

We approach each event with a clean slate, so that we can truly see your vision and work together, every step of the way, to bring your ideas to life, and let you surprise your guests with an unforgeable experience.

Directions to Bereshit forest

There are two ways to arrive at the forest:

1) Drive to the Ramat-Gan Stadium and park your car near the staff entrance (north side of the stadium), pass the bridge over the Yarkon river and go along the fence until you reach the forest.

2) From Rokach Blvd. St., turn left in front of the “Luna park” theme park to enter the “Memadion” water-park parking lot (past the guard booth) and keep straight until you reach a road block where there is an area where you can park your car. Continue by foot and keep right along the bicycle lane. Soon enough, you’ll see the forest to your right. to enter the forest, turn right and walk along the fence.

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