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Northern Sportech Sports Complex

If you’ve got some extra energy to burn and a passion for ball-games and good company, the northern Sportech sports complex is exactly the place for you.

On weekends, the place is fully packed with both casual and frequent visitors who come to play Basketball, Soccer, Handball, and Tennis.

There’s room for everyone and a game for every type! So, although most spots are “traditionally” fully occupied, you will eventually find a team in need of another player.

For skaters, there is a newly renovated skating area and a trampoline for those who are looking to get some air time.

Last but not least – amenities: there is a drinking fountain to quench your thirst and a café to relax after a long game.

There is a fee to enter the complex.

Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday 9:00-22:30
Friday: 14:00-20:00
Saturday: 10:00-21:00
For details call: 03-6990307

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Contact info
  • Tel: 03-6990307
  • E-mail: park@park.co.il