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Tree Planting

Orchard trees and Common Israeli trees have been newly planted between the Agamon Hayarkon complex on Rokach Boulevard and CBI – The Council for a Beautiful Israel. Varieties include mulberry trees, terebinth, almond, oaks, figs, sycamores, and other species. The advantage of trees of this type is that they produce shade and an appealing landscape,… Read more »

Spring Urban Nature Tour

The blossoming wildflowers and the various pollinators flutter over the fields. Last month we conducted guided tours in the area of the Bird Watching Park and Tel Napoleon – where spring is at its peak. The blossoming and blooming of this spring were made possible by our fantastic local residents who planted bulbs and plants… Read more »

New: Drinking Faucets for Dogs!

Summer is upon us, and we must take care of our canine friends! As part of our ongoing efforts to accommodate the park’s visitors, we have equipped our drinking faucets with dog-bowls – the bowls are conveniently attached to the faucets for ease of use.

Installing Hand Rails in the Lake Area

Installing hand rails at the lake area in the center of the park. We continue to make our facilities more accessible, as part of our comprehensive accessibility plan.

Early Blossom at the Rosh Tsipor Sowing Area

Early blossoms at the Rosh Tsipor sowing area. The first species to bloom is the Israeli Lupine. The Israeli Lupine is an endemic species which grows only along the coastline in Israel. Due to diminishing habitat, resulting from ample development, this species is now facing extinction.

Continuing Works at the Tennis Courts

We are now continuing works to set up five new tennis courts as part of Stage B of this project. Works include soil replacement, new lighting poles, gutters, fencing, asphalt, and court coating and marking.

New Benches at Menachem Begin Park

We’ve added new, decorative benches at Menachem Begin Park across from the small lake. Relax and Enjoy!

Works at the three tennis courts at 67 Rokach Blvd are now complete

This project involved soil replacement, infrastructure works, pavement, and coating. New lamp posts equipped with LED lighting have been added. Fences in and around the tennis court area have also been replaced. In addition, new, accessible pathways have been paved, further improving the overall experience of court users.

New “Seashell” Sculpture at the Golfitek Boardwalk

The “Seashell” sculpture, created by sculptor Moshe Tsiffer, was recently placed on the Golfitek Boardwalk at Ganey Yehosha, following its restoration. It was relocated from the Karni-Volovsky Garden due to light rail works.

New Information Post at the Flour Mill on the Seven Mills Site

The new information post helps contribute to the experience of site visitors, allowing anyone to get comprehensive information on this historic site. The Information Post offers information in Hebrew, English, and Arabic, as well as information adapted for children.

Rokach 67 Tennis Court Renovation

These days we are finishing Phase A of the construction work designed to renovate the six upper courts at the tennis court area, out of a total of 18 courts. This project involved soil replacement, infrastructure works, pavement, and coating. New lamp posts equipped with LED lighting have been added. Fences in and around the… Read more »

Seven Mills – Ten Mills Path Upgrade

As part of the works to improve the pathway between Seven Mills and Ten Mills, we have recently added several accessible water fountains along the path and added cobblestones for increased convenience. Cyclists can also enjoy newly added bike racks. Drink up!

Pavement Replacement at the Entrance to Sportek North

We have completed pavement replacement works at the entrance to Sportek North. Works included removing old pavement, installing new curbs, replacing the soil underneath the pavement, installing new light poles along the entryway path, adding benches and bike racks, and restoring granolite walls. Check out the final results in the pictures below.

Nymphs in the Skies of Tel Aviv

A rare, magnificent butterfly has recently been spotted in the heart of bustling Tel Aviv. Over the past 25 years, it has been spotted only a few times during its migration through the area. It appears that this tropical visitor has decided to strike root and raise its offspring at the center of the metropolis…. Read more »

Pavement Replacement at Sportek North

The old pavement on some of the paths at the Sportek has been taken out, and replaced with new pavement that’s more comfortable to walk on.

Bike Racks

As part of the development of the new fitness area and in response to requests from athletes, we have added new bike racks nearby.

New Recreational Area at the Menachem Begin Park

These days we are finishing the development of a new play area at the Menahem Begin Park, near the Amiel Rambam Community Center at Sportek South. Works include setting up a new recreational area, adding lawn and shade, fencing, revamping the irrigation system for the grass, as well as adding accessible pavement along the entire… Read more »

Wild flower sowing and bulb planting with Bavli School 4th-graders

150 students and their teachers participated in the event. Students learned on wild flora and helped the restoration efforts at the Park. The students will return to the Park in the spring to enjoy blossoming flowers just where they sowed their seeds.

International Park Conference

As part of our membership at the International Urban Parks Association, we presented our work at the Association’s annual conference which took place in Melbourne, Australia, and welcomed participants from nearly fifty countries worldwide. The conference focused on urban parks. Conference organizers form part of the world’s leading organization in its field – World Urban… Read more »

The Seven to Ten Mills Trail

Good News for Cyclists and Pedestrians: we have completed the complex works carried out on the Seven to Ten Mills Trail, which included separating the Trail into two separate paths – one for pedestrians and the other for cyclists. This included adding a meter-wide separation between the two lanes. The trail serves as an important… Read more »

Rosh Tsipor and Central Park Ziplines

We have replaced the two zipline mechanisms at Ganey Yehoshua. The Park has two ziplines – one at Rosh Tsipor and the other at the center of the Park. We have also tightened the lines as required for your convenience and comfort.

Launching the Seven-to-Ten Mills Trail

The Project and Its Vision The Mayor’s vision, to upgrade the system of bicycle paths in the City and to create a physical separation between cyclists and pedestrians, has become a reality in this segment. The previously-joint trail has been split into a pedestrian trail and a cycling trail, including a meter-wide separation line between… Read more »

The Menachem Begin Park Artificial Turf Soccer Field

We are happy to announce that a new artificial-turf soccer field is now open at Menachem Begin Park. Currently, the field is open for daytime practice only. The field is part of a city-wide project meant to increase the number of soccer fields in the city. The field is designated for lower-league games (up to… Read more »

Ecological restoration of the Big Park Lake

Planting water flora at the Lake’s east bank near the 7 Mills area project. Creating additional complex for enhancing the enjoyment of visitors and nature lovers. We’re establishing another nature gem thanks to an ecological restoration of the typical flora of the Yarkon River banks, such as Lythrum salicaria, Vitex agnus-castus and rare species, such… Read more »

The Seven Mills rehabilitation and preservation project

The rehabilitation of the southern flour mill at the compound is complete. The 7 flour mills were operating in the area since the Roman period. They used water energy for the milling and the spot served as a central meeting points for the local agriculturists who wanted to mill their crops. Additionally, this encouraged goods… Read more »

The soccer field at Menachem Begin Park is shaping up

The soccer field at Menachem Begin Park is shaping up after the placement of synthetic grass. Additionally, the natural grass is growing further, so the field begins to take shape.

Accessibility of the public restrooms at Menachem Begin park

We’ve completed the work for upgrading and adding accessibility to the paths around the parks. These days we’ve completed paving and providing full accessibility to the public restroom building near the basketball court, at the entrance to the Menachem Begin park As part of the works, all the tiles have been replaced and infrastructure works… Read more »

Planting Israeli trees in the parks

Planting Israeli trees in the parks As part of planting events we have nowadays in Ganey Yehosha, we hosted a planting event with the community of Bavli quarter. We planted various orchards and Israeli trees, such as: Mulberry trees of different Baladi species Ficus fig tree of different Baldi species Ficus sycomorus Pomegranate Red Hawthorn… Read more »

Making progress in the construction of planted park

During that stage, infrastructure, earthwork and planting works have been conducted partially on the grass and trees areas. Additionally, preparatory works for casting the concrete paths have been done. By the end of October, playing facilities will be installed in the total space of 1700 square meters, including rubber coating and shadings, walk paths will… Read more »

Coating the roller skating field

We’ve completed the professional coating of the roller skating platform. The result is available to you right now! Get ready to roll!

The official opening of a new outdoor gym

At the end of July 2018, we’ll officially open the biggest outdoor fitness complex in Israel, spreading on a space over 1300 square meters. The unique complex consists of over 30 fitness facilities and providing the trainees with different types of exercising. New facilities will be integrated into the complex and 2 runways will be… Read more »

Replacing Coal Collection Containers

These days, we’re replacing the coal collection containers that used to look life halved barrel with built-in cans, looking different from regular trash cans, not inviting the public to throw garbage on them. Our goal is to reduce the amount of invading spices, such as crows, who are drawn to the trash in the cans…. Read more »

Finalizing the work on the 7 – 10 section

We’re happy to announce the finalization of the following works: constructing a concrete wall near the Athletics Stadium and paving new paths with proper separation between pedestrians and cyclists in this section. Tearing down the new wall and its renewed construction at a distance of 2.5 meters north was meant to significantly increase the field… Read more »

Musical cruise

A cruise on the Yarkon River, accompanied by a live performance of a cover band, playing Israeli music. During the cruise, a snack of wine and nuts will be served.

An outdoor museum at the heart of the Botanical Garden

Splendid explanatory signs were placed in the Botanical Garden, providing explanations regarding the habitats and the urban local nature of Tel Aviv-Yafo specifically and in Israel generally. The signs provide insight on subjects as vegetation, songbirds, and geology. There’s a map at the entrance to the Garden. It allows the visitor to plan a route… Read more »

Sheepherding pilot

Recently, a sheep herding pilot was initiated in Tel Napoleon and in various natural areas of the park. The sheep brought from the agricultural farm, led by an adequately trained shepherd. The pilot activity is being accompanied by an educational information system. The sheep consume the local area’s grass. This contributes greatly to the following… Read more »

Join the Ganey Yehosha friends’ group – nature and community

Do you love Ganey Yehosha parks? Keeping fauna and nature is an important value in your life? We invite you to join our new Facebook group: Friends of Ganey Yehosha – Nature and Community. Link: In this group, we’ll publish information regarding unique tours in nature, inform you about the studies conducted in the park,… Read more »

Launching the Glass Floor in the Hot Air Balloon TLV

We are happy to announce the launching of the glass floor in the hot air balloon in TLV. And that’s how it looks for 120 meters up in the air…check out the YNET article.

Just Planted and Already Blooming!

Recently planted wildflowers are already blooming and blossoming at Rosh Tzipor! You, our visitors, planed these flowers during our community seeding events. Pictured here are Palestinian Lupines, a species that grew wild in the Yarkon area and was re-introduced to nature as part of our ecological rehabilitation work.

Pilot: Manufacturing Wood-Chips from Fallen Trees

As a result of the last storm, many trees were damaged throughout the park. We recently started a new pilot to manufacture wood-chips from fallen and damaged trees to create an ecological coating agent for different areas of the park. Coating the surface with wooden chips has many ecological and aesthetic benefits: Coating and covering the ground with wood-chips greatly… Read more »

An Additional Path between 7 Mills and 10 Mills areas

We are happy to announce that we are in the final stages of building an additional path between 7 Mills and 10 Mills areas. The final path section is adjacent to the National Sports Center (athletics stadium) and is the most complex part on the construction process, which includes the demolition of the old concrete… Read more »

Ussishkin School Pupils Plan Trees in the Park

As part of the annual Tu B’Shevat celebrations in the park, we were happy to welcome pupils from Ussishkin who enjoyed planting trees native to the Israeli ecosystem.

Israel National Trail Library

The Israel National Trail Library is a free library that allows visitors to borrow books for free, and return them to several stations located along the Israel National Trail paths. This project is a remarkable collaboration between 3 organizations – Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Shalem College, and Meeting for Israel – on the Israel… Read more »

7 Mills Waterfall this Morning

מפל שבע טחנות הבוקר. איזה מראה עוצמתי Pubblicato da ‎גני יהושע‎ su Giovedì 4 gennaio 2018

Planting and seeding event in Rosh Tzipor Urban Forest

Last month, wild-flowers sowing and planting events took place around the city. The largest event took place in the Rosh Tzzipor forest along the Ayalon River. During the event, hundreds of residents took part in the planting of wild-flowers, received an informative lecture from the park’s ecologist about the park’s ecosystem and the variety of… Read more »

Paving of additional bicycle paths in Ganei Yehoshua Park

Construction and paving of additional bicycle paths in the section of the Maccabiah Bridge and further east are currently ongoing. This will add an additional path between the 7 Mills and 10 Mills complexes.

Infrastructure Improvement and Upgrading in Menachem Begin Park

We have begun work to make the park’s buildings, paths and facilities more accessible to our visitors. Upgrading to existing pavements and new paths will be carried out in the upcoming days, to make the park more convenient and accessible to the general public, residents and visitors.

commencement of construction of a new sports complex at the northern sportek

We are happy to announce the commencement of construction of a new sports complex at the nortern sportek. The complex will feature state of the art work-out facilities, an oval running track and suitable shading. During the construction period (estimated at 5 months), the complex will be closed to visitors, which are invited to use… Read more »

Commencement of Activity at The New Branch of Ha’maslul Association in Menachem Begin Park

The new bicycle center of Ha’maslul association opened this week in the southern Menachem Begin Park! The center offers guided cycling activities for children and youth in organized groups (through community centers, schools, and after-school care centers), every day of the week in the afternoon. Morning activities include educational outdoors cycling and bicycle safety workshops… Read more »

Happy to Announce the Completion of the Outdoor Gyms Upgrade Project

Ganey Yehosha has upgraded the outdoor gyms, spread throughout both Menachem Begin Park and Ganey Yehosha Park. The old outdoor gyms have been removed and new facilities have been installed, and rubber surfaces have been added, in addition to shading tarps. The new facilities are equipped with a hydraulic system that enables each user to… Read more »

A Guided Tour to Watch the Blooming Flowers and Tortoises Release

This Last Saturday We Held a Guided Tour to Watch the Blooming Drimia Flowers and Little Tortoises release at Napoleon Hill. Over 350 visitors join us on a guided tour led by Liav Shalem, the ecologist of Ganei Yehoshua park, as he taught us about the blooming Drimia Flowers and the importance of preserving the Spur-Thighed… Read more »

Today We Had the Pleasure of Hosting the Third Sports Contest for Senior Citizens

The senior citizens of Tel Aviv showed us how it’s done and competed in contests in different sports fields, in addition to enjoying activities like Yoga, Tai-chi, Zomba and more. We were very happy to have you all participate in our event and we wish you many more years of fitness and happiness. amen.

Only Two More Weeks Until the Biggest Sports Event and Pilates Class in the World!

Featuring: Pilates trainer Dalia Mantver, Olympic gymnast Neta Rivkin and the world-renowned singer – Rita. A grant sports fair will be held, in addition to the Pilates class. So, mark May 5th and come along for a sporty Friday with music and rhythm! Registration and tickets: